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What a Smashing Month!!

February was full of cake smashes and newborns!! This little one I have been fortunate to photograph since she was a newborn so this was her 5th session with me. I think she loved the bath the most! So many fun expressions were captured during this session, but especially during the clean up pictures.

This little miss was pretty reserved but once she warmed up she was all smiles and cheesing for the camera and was also a HUGE fan of the bath portion!!

This little guy was my only boy cake smash this month but he was sooo much fun and LOVED the camera, but he may of loved eating the soap more haha!

This was this little sweeties Golden birthday so of course we had to use GOLD!! I also got to capture her as a newborn and I love seeing how much they have changed! And if I remember right she also thought the soap tasted fantastic haha!

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