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Session Fees

Session Fee Price depends on your type of session and covers:  pre-consulatations, my time, talent, and use of my huge prop collection. 

How it works

After your session is done, you get to relax!  I then get to work editing your gallery, making your photos perfect for your family. Approximately 2 weeks after your session we will meet again for the most exciting part, the viewing of your beautiful images. You then get to pick out the beautiful images to display in your home.  I will walk you through the whole process to find what products work best for you and your family. 

For your convenience I offer different packages/products for you to choose from. Technology can be finicky and is ever changing, for that reason I want my clients to have actual prints/products that will last they can never go out of style or no longer work because of changing technology. So because I want you to have both digital copies so you can post them on social media, or email then to grandmas and grandpas all of my collections come with both digital images and print/products. 

Visit me at
to see more examples of my work.  

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